New York improv team: MacGuffin

[b]"This group tells great stories and makes great connections. i was impressed in their ability to find depth in the simplest things."[/b] --Mark Sutton, Artistic Director, Chicago Improv Festival Macguffin is a fast-paced, high energy, insane, shocking, and wildy entertaining long-form improv comedy show in New York City. True to its name, Macguffin, a term used to describe an event, character or object that motivates the scene forward but isn’t what the scene is about, is one step ahead of the audience’s expectations. Together since the FALL OF 2008, Macguffin members have studied with New York’s most notable improv theatres including The Upright Citizens Brigade, Gotham City Improv, The National Comedy Theater, and The People's Improv Theatre. They have performed in the Del Close Marathon and the 2010 Chicago Improv Festival. MacGuffin can be seen every 2nd Saturday of the month at The Tank Theater. 9:30 PM. Members are Nash Bennett, Nick Carrillo, Josh Hurley, Tracy Mull, and Rebecca Vigil. Past troupe members: Brandon McTavish and Patty Devery.